Our Parts

Golf Car Solutions’ Parts division is the largest supplier of major golf car manufacture’s parts and accessories in South Australia.

We provide a complete selection of quality parts and golf car accessories at very competitive prices. Whether you need a part for your golf car or are looking to customise your vehicle with accessories, our friendly and professional staff are only too happy to assist.

We regularly receive shipments from the USA, so we are likely to have your part, in stock, ready to fit or ship to you.

The parts and accessories we stock are made to the same high-quality standards as your golf car and designed specifically for your model.

Some Of The Parts We Stock

Deep Cycle Batteries
Drive Belts
Clutch Parts & Assemblies
Brake Components
Service Parts
Replacement Keys
Motor Controllers
Engine Rebuild Parts
Battery Lead Sets
Electric Motors
Interior Parts
Replacement Bumpers

Let Us Know If You’re Looking For A Part That Needs to Be Replaced, We’re Here To Help!